About us

Born with the idea to complete a home and add a personal element to a chosen space, Dôme Precious pursues the vision of Dôme Project Interiors, the interior design studio and concept store founded in 2005 by Cécile Demole.


Thanks to its team of designers, creators and graphic designers, every design was uniquely and carefully thought through to create a selection of products that is diverse and of high quality.


With its cosmos, sea and mountain collections, Dôme Precious offers the possibility to decorate every corner of your home, summer house or chalet through various objects such as scented candles, embroidered cushions, plaids, hand-stitched pouches, diffusers, sprays and stationeries.


Through Dôme’s 15 years of experience and sophisticated approach to interior design, Dôme Precious was born with the idea of enhancing the spirit of your home through themed collections designed in Switzerland.


Along with the Dôme Precious collections, many of the brands available at Dôme Project Interiors’ concept store in can be found on our website.




Grand-Rue 4
1204, Geneva
+41 22 362 74 70


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